Friday, November 13, 2009

I'm back!!!

Hey guys I know I've been slack with the posting but I've been super busy and have not had the chance to scratch myself.

Sooooooooo what have I been up to - well I'll be blogging about all of that and more over the coming days. You see I'm having a HOLIDAY woohoo - it's been a while & well hubbie & I did not get that honeymoon we had hoped for so this is it!!!

I know you're all probably thinking NICE ONE; blogging on your honeymoon but don't worry he's actually sleeping after a hard day laying by the pool sipping cocktails - it's all good!

Me, I'm sitting here waiting to have a spa pedicure & full body massage(yes, hubby too will join in on the indulging minus the pedicure!!)and while I wait I thought I'd touch base with you all so that you don't think I've deserted the bloggosphere for good!!!

FYI I'm in Malaysia, Penang actually, and we are staying on the famous Batu Ferringhi beach strip at the newest Hard Rock Hotel Penang. It is awesome and has surpassed all my expectations. There is so much to do in one location, everything is at our fingertips - it's hard to work out where to start!!! That's right yes I do - PAMPERING!!!

Anyways best get back to hubby before he develops a complex!!

Til next time

Selmat Datang :)

P.S Here's a pic of me enjoying my favourite poison - The Cosmo!!!

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  1. looks fantastic i thing i would like go there one day kisses



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