Monday, June 22, 2009

It's On - My 12 week Challenge!!

- ME TODAY (In my winter uniform - J-LO velour tracksuit)
It's been a couple of weeks since my last blog...but there's a reason for my tardiness. I started my 12 Week Challenge and I'm on a mission to get myself fit and healthy over the winter months. It's fair to say that since my BIG DAY in March, becoming a food editor and watching Masterchef I've let myself go (3KGS in 3months to be exact)!!! If I keep going at this rate I will be 12 kilos heavier on my first wedding anniversary - NOT ON PEOPLE!!!

I know some women don't mind piling on the pounds after they've nabbed their man and after months of vigorous exercise and torturous diets who can blame them but not this little red hen - I'm keen to become a lean, mean HEALTHY MACHINE!!!

So this is the plan, I've signed up to a fantastic gym only 2mins away from home and rain, hail or shine I will be using it. I signed up for three months (the perfect way to hibernate during winter)and I'm making sure I eat heaps of fruit, vegies and protein and coming from a carbaholic it will be difficult to have my meat and veg without rice/pasta/potatoes etc but I'm sure I'll survive (with your help of course).

You see the point of this post is to keep me accountable and if I put it out there I know you will all keep me in check. I'd love to hear your thoughts so please feel free to drop me an email and here's to the next 11 weeks!!!!!


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